1. Old Latin.

  1. (in prescriptions) oil.

  1. (in prescriptions) the left eye.

  1. a suffix used in the names of chemical derivatives, representing “alcohol” (glycerol; naphthol; phenol), or sometimes “phenol” or less definitely assignable phenol derivatives (resorcinol).

  1. variant of -ole2.

suffix forming nouns

  1. denoting an organic chemical compound containing a hydroxyl group, esp alcohols and phenolsethanol; quinol

n combining form

  1. (not used systematically) a variant of -ole 1

word-forming element in chemistry, variously representing alcohol, phenol, or in some cases Latin oleum “oil” (see oil (n.)).

  1. A suffix used to form the names of chemical compounds having a hydroxyl (OH) group, such as ethanol.

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