Asunción [ah-soon-syawn, -thyawn] Examples noun

  1. a city in and the capital of Paraguay, in the S part.

Paraguay [par-uh-gwahy, -gwey; Spanish pah-rah-gwahy] noun

  1. a republic in central South America between Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. 157,047 sq. mi. (406,750 sq. km). Capital: Asunción.
  2. a river in central South America, flowing S from W Brazil through Paraguay to the Paraná. 1500 miles (2400 km) long.

Related formsPar·a·guay·an, adjective, nounpro-Par·a·guay, adjectivepro-Par·a·guay·an, adjective, nountrans-Par·a·guay·an, adjective Examples from the Web for asuncion Historical Examples of asuncion

  • Owston’s collectors obtained a specimen at Asuncion on January 18, 1904.

    The Avifauna of Micronesia, Volume 3

    Rollin H. Baker

  • Realizing his complete defeat, he had fled secretly to Asuncion.

    South America

    W. H. Koebel

  • She had not, however, travelled far before her pursuers came up with her, and she was eventually brought back to Asuncion.

    South America

    W. H. Koebel

  • Compelling the bishop of Asuncion to resign on account of senile debility, Francia himself assumed the episcopal office.

    The Hispanic Nations of the New World

    William R. Shepherd

  • No event worth chronicling befell the little crew till, a day or two later, they were within ten miles of Asuncion.

    Adventures Among the Red Indians

    H. W. G. Hyrst

  • British Dictionary definitions for asuncion Asunción noun

    1. the capital and chief port of Paraguay, on the Paraguay River, 1530 km (950 miles) from the Atlantic. Pop: 1 750 000 (2005 est)

    Paraguay noun

    1. an inland republic in South America: colonized by the Spanish from 1537, gaining independence in 1811; lost 142 500 sq km (55 000 sq miles) of territory and over half its population after its defeat in the war against Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay (1865–70). It is divided by the Paraguay River into a sparsely inhabited semiarid region (Chaco) in the west, and a central region of wooded hills, tropical forests, and rich grasslands, rising to the Paraná plateau in the east. Official languages: Spanish and Guarani. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: guarani. Capital: Asunción. Pop: 6 623 252 (2013 est). Area: 406 750 sq km (157 047 sq miles)
    2. a river in South America flowing south through Brazil and Paraguay to the Paraná River. Length: about 2400 km (1500 miles)

    Word Origin and History for asuncion Paraguay

    country is named for the river, which is said to be from Guarani para “water” + guay “born.” Said to have been the name of a local chieftain who treated with the first Spanish explorers.

    asuncion in Culture Paraguay [(par-uh-gweye, par-uh-gway)]

    Republic in south-central South America, enclosed by Bolivia on the west and north, Brazil on the northeast, and Argentina on the south and west.

    Note Controlled for many decades by a highly repressive military government. A civilian was elected president in 1993.Note Reputed sanctuary for Nazi fugitives.

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