Athelstan [ath-uh l-stan] Examples noun

  1. a.d. 895?–940, king of England 925–940.

Examples from the Web for athelstan Historical Examples of athelstan

  • To the monastery he had founded Athelstan presented some reputed relics of the saint.


    Sidney Heath

  • I enclose a letter from Athelstan Riley; it will interest you.

    Letters of Lt.-Col. George Brenton Laurie

    George Brenton Laurie

  • Athelstan succeeds to the throne of Wessex and its dependencies.

    On Some Ancient Battle-Fields in Lancashire

    Charles Hardwick

  • The form “Kent-shire” is, however, found in a record of the time of Athelstan.


    Francis A. Knight

  • Athelstan, with a powerful army, marched to the North and encamped at Brunanburgh.

    Yorkshire Battles

    Edward Lamplough

  • British Dictionary definitions for athelstan Athelstan noun

    1. ?895–939 ad, king of Wessex and Mercia (924–939 ad), who extended his kingdom to include most of England

    Word Origin and History for athelstan Athelstan

    masc. proper name, Old English Æðelstane, literally “noble stone;” see atheling + stone (n.).

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