doting [doh-ting] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for doting on adjective

  1. excessively fond: doting parents.
  2. showing a decline of mental faculties, especially associated with old age; weak-minded; senile.

Origin of doting First recorded in 1480–90; dote + -ing2 Related formsdot·ing·ly, adverbdot·ing·ness, nounun·dot·ing, adjective dote [doht] verb (used without object), dot·ed, dot·ing. Also doat.

  1. to bestow or express excessive love or fondness habitually (usually followed by on or upon): They dote on their youngest daughter.
  2. to show a decline of mental faculties, especially associated with old age.


  1. decay of wood.

Origin of dote 1175–1225; Middle English doten to behave foolishly, become feeble-minded; cognate with Middle Dutch doten. Related formsdot·er, noun Related Words for doting affectionate, loving, adoring, devoted, struck, fascinated, fatuous, fond, foolish, lovesick, silly, simple, lovesome Examples from the Web for doting Contemporary Examples of doting

  • He is also said to have been a good father and now a doting grandfather.

    Ex-Cop’s Shooting of Texting Moviegoer Ends in Tragedy

    Michael Daly

    January 15, 2014

  • There are the doting mother, wild brother, and distant father.

    Jimmy Connors Memoir Shows He Wasn’t Misunderstood, He Was Just a Jerk

    James Zug

    May 14, 2013

  • The Moscow regime is denying them a chance; a chance at an extraordinary life with doting parents in a wealthier country.

    How Difficult Russian Adoptions Were, Even Before Vladimir Putin’s Crackdown

    Lauren Ashburn

    December 31, 2012

  • Even her husband, a gruff French surgeon who is more “Tiger Mom” than doting dad, thought the email was a bit curt.

    Nick Crews’s Daughter on Her Dad’s Viral Smackdown

    Lizzie Crocker

    December 1, 2012

  • Put another way, they are what every doting parent wants their precocious toddler to grow up to become.

    Unlock Your Inner Psychopath: Kevin Dutton’s ‘The Wisdom of Psychopaths’

    Robert Herritt

    October 19, 2012

  • Historical Examples of doting

  • And how comes it she’s so afraid of the soldiers, if she’s doting?

    Tom Burke Of “Ours”, Volume I (of II)

    Charles James Lever

  • Her hands were fumbling with the clothes of this doting rival.

    Fantazius Mallare

    Ben Hecht

  • I was pleased to notice that her nudity did not this time appeal to my doting madness.

    Fantazius Mallare

    Ben Hecht

  • The Pyramids themselves, doting with age, have forgotten the names of their founders.

    Familiar Quotations

    John Bartlett

  • I was never able to tell my fond and doting mother that I, like her, had taken a prize.

    Pussy and Doggy Tales

    Edith Nesbit

  • British Dictionary definitions for doting dote now rarely doat verb (intr)

    1. (foll by on or upon) to love to an excessive or foolish degree
    2. to be foolish or weak-minded, esp as a result of old age

    Derived Formsdoter or now rarely doater, nounWord Origin for dote C13: related to Middle Dutch doten to be silly, Norwegian dudra to shake Word Origin and History for doting dote v.

    c.1200, “to be feeble-minded from age,” from Middle Low German doten “be foolish,” of unknown origin. Meaning “to be infatuated” is from late 15c. Related: Doted; dotes; doting.

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