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  1. a receptacle, usually of stone, as in a baptistery or church, containing the water used in baptism.
  2. a receptacle for holy water; stoup.
  3. a productive source: The book is a font of useful tips for travelers.
  4. the reservoir for oil in a lamp.
  5. Archaic. a fountain.

Origin of font 1 before 1000; Middle English; Old English font, fant Latin font- (stem of fōns) baptismal font, spring, fountain font 2[font] noun Printing.

  1. a complete assortment of type of one style and size.

Also British, fount. Origin of font 2 1570–80; Middle French fonte Vulgar Latin *funditus a pouring, molding, casting, verbal noun from Latin fundere to pour. See found3 Related Words for font fount, typeface, origin, genesis, seed, fountain, root, wellspring, face Examples from the Web for font Contemporary Examples of font

  • “Font, logo, edge finish, surface finish … everything is different from ours,” said Sung Hwang, the general manager.

    Patients Screwed in Spine Surgery ‘Scam’

    The Center for Investigative Reporting

    November 3, 2014

  • The SarcMark solves that problem, and you can download it as a font for the reasonable price of $1.99 (£1.20).

    The Rise and Fall of the Infamous SarcMark

    Keith Houston

    September 24, 2013

  • So I turned it into a poster and I added some kind of fake Russian font to make it look alien.

    The Pixies Talk About Their Reunion, New Music and a Missing Band Member

    Andrew Romano

    September 20, 2013

  • Avant Garde became the font du jour and Helvetica continued its ride to the top.

    Eight Best Bits of John Taylor’s Duran Duran Tell-All

    Tom Sykes

    October 21, 2012

  • In the creative fields, from fashion to food to finance to font design, imitation co-exists with innovation.

    In ‘The Knockoff Economy,’ The Upside to Ripping Off Others’ Ideas

    Kal Raustiala, Christopher Sprigman

    September 8, 2012

  • Historical Examples of font

  • You may need to adjust your font settings for these to display properly.

    Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome


  • A church screen, a font, a piece of furniture, or even the handle of a knife.


    George Jack

  • The font was brought from the vicarage, probably being of the 15th century.

    Records of Woodhall Spa and Neighbourhood

    J. Conway Walter

  • Mr. O’Callaghan was not exactly the head and font of piety at Littlebath.

    The Bertrams

    Anthony Trollope

  • There should always be, for proper protection, a cover for the Font.

    The Worship of the Church

    Jacob A. Regester

  • British Dictionary definitions for font font 1 noun

      1. a large bowl for baptismal water, usually mounted on a pedestal
      2. a receptacle for holy water
    1. the reservoir for oil in an oil lamp
    2. archaic, or poetic a fountain or well

    Derived Formsfontal, adjectiveWord Origin for font Old English, from Church Latin fons, from Latin: fountain font 2 noun

    1. printing a complete set of type of one style and sizeAlso called: fount

    Word Origin for font C16: from Old French fonte a founding, casting, from Vulgar Latin funditus (unattested) a casting, from Latin fundere to melt; see found ³ Word Origin and History for font n.1

    “basin,” Old English font, from Latin fons (genitive fontis) “fountain” (see fountain), especially in Medieval Latin fons baptismalis “baptismal font.”


    “typeface, set of letters of a particular type,” 1680s, earlier “a casting” (1570s), from Middle French fonte “a casting,” noun use of fem. past participle of fondre “to melt” (see found (v.2)). So called because all the letters in a given set were cast at the same time.

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