noun, plural khak·is.

  1. dull yellowish brown.
  2. a stout, twilled cotton cloth of this color, used especially in making uniforms.
  3. Usually khakis. (used with a plural verb)
    1. a uniform made of this cloth, especially a military uniform.
    2. a garment made of this cloth, especially trousers.
  4. a similar fabric of wool.


  1. of the color khaki.
  2. made of khaki.

noun plural -kis

    1. a dull yellowish-brown colour
    2. (as adjective)a khaki background
    1. a hard-wearing fabric of this colour, used esp for military uniforms
    2. (as modifier)a khaki jacket

“dust-colored cloth,” 1857, from Urdu khaki, literally “dusty,” from khak “dust,” from Persian. First introduced in uniforms of British cavalry in India (the Guide Corps, 1846); widely adopted for camouflage purposes in the Boer Wars (1899-1902). As an adjective from 1863. Related: Khakis.

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