nyctophobia [nik-tuh-foh-bee-uh] Word Origin noun Psychiatry.

  1. an abnormal fear of night or darkness.

Origin of nyctophobia nycto- + -phobia British Dictionary definitions for nyctophobia nyctophobia noun

  1. psychiatry an abnormal dread of night or darkness

Derived Formsnyctophobic, adjectiveWord Origin for nyctophobia nyct-, from Greek nukt-, nux night + -phobia Word Origin and History for nyctophobia n.

medical Latin, from nycto- “night” + -phobia “fear.” Related: Nyctophobic.

nyctophobia in Medicine nyctophobia [nĭk′tə-fō′bē-ə] n.

  1. An abnormal fear of night or of the dark.scotophobia

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