pap test

pap test


  1. a test for cancer of the cervix, consisting of the staining of cervical cells taken in a cervical or vaginal smear (Pap smear or pap smear) for examination of exfoliated cells.
  2. a vaginal Pap smear used to evaluate estrogen levels.
  3. an examination of exfoliated cells in any body fluid, as sputum or urine, for cancer cells.

noun med

  1. another name for cervical smear
  2. a similar test for precancerous cells in other organs

n.1963, short for Papanicolaou (1947) in reference to George Nicholas Papanicolaou (1883-1962), Greek-born U.S. anatomist who developed the technique of examining secreted cells to test for cancer. n.

  1. Pap smear

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