rā [rah] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the 10th letter of the Arabic alphabet.

Origin of rā From Arabic Ra [rah] noun Egyptian Religion.

  1. a sun god of Heliopolis, a universal creator worshiped throughout Egypt (typically represented as a hawk-headed man bearing on his head the solar disk and the uraeus).

Also Re. Ra Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. radium.


  1. regular army.


  1. rear admiral.
  2. Astronomy. right ascension.
  3. royal academician.
  4. Royal Academy.

Examples from the Web for ra Contemporary Examples of ra

  • Her choice for Desert Island Discs ranged from “The Drinking Song” by Verdi to “Ra Ra Rasputin” by Boney M.

    The Week in Death: Clarissa Dickson Wright, One of ‘Two Fat Ladies’

    The Telegraph

    March 22, 2014

  • At opening of the RA exhibition, some of his key recruits—from Gormley to novelist Ian McEwan—were gathered.

    The Hottest Show on Earth

    Olivia Cole

    December 10, 2009

  • Historical Examples of ra

  • He also is, like Ra and Osiris, a god of the under-world to which men go after death.

    History of Religion

    Allan Menzies

  • Thus it was that other deities assumed a solar character as forms of Ra.

    Legends Of Babylon And Egypt

    Leonard W. King

  • O Ra, Ra, to think that it was you all the while who were committing all these thefts!

    St. Winifred’s

    Frederic W. Farrar

  • Remember the leap to death and the Boat of Ra, and those by whom it was captained.

    Morning Star

    H. Rider Haggard

  • The primacy of Ra is illustrated by the fact that Amon was identified with him.

    Introduction to the History of Religions

    Crawford Howell Toy

  • British Dictionary definitions for ra Ra 1 the chemical symbol for

    1. radium

    Ra 2Re noun

    1. the ancient Egyptian sun god, depicted as a man with a hawk’s head surmounted by a solar disc and serpent

    RA abbreviation for

    1. rear admiral
    2. astronomy right ascension
    3. (in Britain) Royal Academician or Academy
    4. (in Britain) Royal Artillery
    5. Argentina (international car registration)

    Word Origin for RA (sense 5) from República Argentina Word Origin and History for ra Ra

    “hawk-headed sovereign sun god of Egyptian mythology,” from Egyptian R’ “sun, day.”

    ra in Medicine Ra

    1. The symbol for the elementradium

    ra in Science Ra

    1. The symbol for radium.

    radium [rā′dē-əm] Ra

    1. A rare, bright-white, highly radioactive element of the alkaline-earth group. It occurs naturally in very small amounts in ores and minerals containing uranium, and it is naturally luminescent. Radium is used as a source of radon gas for the treatment of disease and as a neutron source for scientific research. Its most stable isotope is Ra 226 with a half-life of 1,622 years. Atomic number 88; melting point 700°C; boiling point 1,737°C; valence 2. See Periodic Table.

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