rabot [rab-uh t] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a hardwood block used for rubbing marble before polishing.

Origin of rabot French: plane Examples from the Web for rabot Historical Examples of rabot

  • The French soldier is intelligent because he has imagination, and Rabot understood.

    With Haig on the Somme

    D. H. Parry

  • It was during the struggle with Maximilian that the Rabot was constructed at Ghent, in 1489.

    The Spell of Flanders

    Edward Neville Vose

  • Four marines only, out of the 60 in the reserve of Commander Rabot, succeeded in escaping.


    Charles Le Goffic

  • Meantime Rabot had come up with the others, who never guessed for a moment that he was not their own master.

    The Olive Fairy Book


  • During the illness of the Rabot boy she had said that the child was worse than anyone imagined, and that he would never recover.

    She Stands Accused

    Victor MacClure

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