shrink-wrap [shringk-rap] Word Origin verb (used with object), shrink-wrapped, shrink-wrap·ping.

  1. to wrap and seal (a book, a food product, etc.) in a flexible film of plastic that, when exposed to a heating process, shrinks to the contour of the merchandise.


  1. the plastic film used to shrink-wrap something.

Also shrink·wrap, shrink-pack, shrink·pack [shringk-pak] /ˈʃrɪŋkˌpæk/. Origin of shrink-wrap First recorded in 1965–70 British Dictionary definitions for shrink-wrap shrink-wrap verb -wraps, -wrapping or -wrapped

  1. (tr) to package (a product) in a flexible plastic wrapping designed to shrink about its contours to protect and seal it

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