adjective, tat·ti·er, tat·ti·est.

  1. cheap or tawdry; vulgar: a tatty production of a Shakespearean play.
  2. shabby or ill-kempt; ragged; untidy: an old house with dirty windows and tatty curtains.

noun, plural tat·ties.

  1. (in India) a screen, usually made of coarse, fragrant fibers, placed over a window or door and kept moistened with water in order to cool and deodorize the room.

adjective -tier or -tiest

  1. mainly British worn out, shabby, tawdry, or unkempt

adj.1510s, “tangled or matted” (of hair), Scottish, probably related to Old English tættec “a rag” (see tatter). Sense of “tattered, ragged, shabby” first recorded 1933.

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