traject [truh-jekt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for traject on verb (used with object) Archaic.

  1. to transport, transmit, or transpose.

Origin of traject 1545–55; Latin trājectus (past participle of trāicere to cast, throw over or across), equivalent to trā- (variant of trāns- trans-) + -jec- (combining form of jacere to throw) + -tus past participle suffixRelated formstra·jec·tion, noun Related Words for traject transfer, transition, flow, journey, progress, passing, trip, change, movement, transmit, siphon, relay, disseminate, conduct, impart, broadcast, spread, convey, address, carry Examples from the Web for traject Historical Examples of traject

  • In many places the only traject was a narrow ledge, with deep precipices beneath, and often steep, rugged acclivities above.

    Some Heroes of Travel

    W. H. Davenport Adams

  • British Dictionary definitions for traject traject verb

    1. (tr) archaic to transport or transmit

    Derived Formstrajection, nounWord Origin for traject C17: from Latin trājectus cast over, from trāicere to throw across, from trans- + iacere to throw

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