unasked [uhn-askt, -ahskt] SynonymsExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for unasked on Thesaurus.com adjective

  1. not asked: an unasked question.
  2. not asked for: unasked advice.
  3. uninvited.

Origin of unasked Middle English word dating back to 1225–75; see origin at un-1, ask, -ed2 Synonyms for unasked See more synonyms for on Thesaurus.com 2. unsolicited, unsought, unrequested. Related Words for unasked arrogant, gratuitous, impudent, overbearing, presumptuous, spontaneous, supererogatory, uncalled-for, undesired, uninvited, unsought, unwanted, unwelcome, voluntarily, willing, unbidden, undemanded, unprompted Examples from the Web for unasked Contemporary Examples of unasked

  • As is our tragic pattern, almost all these tough questions are unasked and unhonored.

    Leslie H. Gelb: Think Before Acting on Iran

    Leslie H. Gelb

    January 17, 2012

  • Rice also volunteered the answer to the unasked question about whether she was still single because she worked so hard.

    28,000 X Chromosomes Strong

    Lynn Sherr

    October 24, 2008

  • Historical Examples of unasked

  • He forgave her, unasked, the humiliation she had put on him.

    Nan of Music Mountain

    Frank H. Spearman

  • My money came as if by magic, unasked and unwarranted, like the gold of sunset.

    A Daughter of the Middle Border

    Hamlin Garland

  • It is always pleasant to do on entreaty what we might be driven to do unasked.

    Tristram of Blent

    Anthony Hope

  • Unasked, the Imp sketched the dinner party, especially Harry’s share in it.

    Tristram of Blent

    Anthony Hope

  • “I have also noticed it,” said Lorraine, answering his unasked question.


    Robert W. Chambers

  • British Dictionary definitions for unasked unasked adjective

    1. not requested or demanded
    2. not invited

    Word Origin and History for unasked adj.

    mid-13c., “uninvited,” from un- (1) “not” + past participle of ask.

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