Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor [ur-suh mahy-ner] Word Origin noun, genitive Ur·sae Mi·nor·is [ur-see mi-nawr-is, -nohr-] /ˈɜr si mɪˈnɔr ɪs, -ˈnoʊr-/. Astronomy.

  1. the Little or Lesser Bear, the northernmost constellation, containing the stars that form the Little Dipper, the outermost of which, at the end of the handle, is Polaris.

Origin of Ursa Minor First recorded in 1590–1600 British Dictionary definitions for ursa minor Ursa Minor noun Latin genitive Ursae Minoris (ˈɜːsiː mɪˈnɔːrɪs)

  1. a small faint constellation, the brightest star of which is the Pole Star, lying 1° from the true celestial poleAlso called: the Little Bear, the Bear, (US and Canadian) the Little Dipper

Word Origin for Ursa Minor Latin: lesser bear ursa minor in Science Ursa Minor

  1. A ladle-shaped constellation very near the north celestial pole. Ursa Minor (the Lesser Bear) contains the seven stars that form the Little Dipper. Polaris, the North Star, is at the end of the dipper’s handle.

ursa minor in Culture Ursa Minor

The Little Bear or Little Dipper; the constellation that contains the North Star (Polaris).

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