Willingdon [wil-ing-duh n] Examples noun

  1. Freeman Free·man-Thom·as [free-muh n-tom-uh s] /ˈfri mənˈtɒm əs/, 1st Marquis of,1866–1941, British colonial official: governor general of Canada 1926–31; viceroy and governor general of India 1931–36.

Examples from the Web for willingdon Historical Examples of willingdon

  • In each case we pass through Willingdon and Polegate, and stop at Lewes.

    The Modern Malady

    Cyril Bennett

  • The classic case of haunting in England is, perhaps, that of Willingdon Mill.

    Occultism and Common-Sense

    Beckles Willson

  • We now have fine views of the Downs on our right front though Willingdon to Eastbourne (63 m.).

    Seaward Sussex

    Edric Holmes

  • For Willingdon Mill, formerly gay with flowers and creepers, is now a wreck of its former self.

    Occultism and Common-Sense

    Beckles Willson

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