wurley [wur-lee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural wur·leys, wur·lies. Australian.

  1. an Aborigine’s shelter, made of branches and leaves.
  2. a nest, especially a rat’s nest.

Origin of wurley 1840–50; Kaurna (Australian Aboriginal language, now extinct, spoken at the present site of Adelaide), recorded as wa(d)li Examples from the Web for wurley Historical Examples of wurley

  • They also used to assist me in making a wurley, or breakwind, whenever they shifted camp.

    A Source Book Of Australian History

    Compiled by Gwendolen H. Swinburne

  • They also used to assist me in making a wurley or breakwind whenever they shifted camp.

    Successful Exploration Through the Interior of Australia

    William John Wills

  • British Dictionary definitions for wurley wurley wurlie noun

    1. Australian an Aboriginal hut

    Word Origin for wurley from a native Australian language

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