1. charged with a crime, wrongdoing, fault, etc.: the accused boy.


  1. a person or persons charged in a court of law with a crime, offense, etc. (often preceded by the).

verb (used with object), ac·cused, ac·cus·ing.

  1. to charge with the fault, offense, or crime (usually followed by of): He accused him of murder.
  2. to find fault with; blame.

verb (used without object), ac·cused, ac·cus·ing.

  1. to make an accusation.


  1. the accused law the defendant or defendants appearing on a criminal charge


  1. to charge (a person or persons) with some fault, offence, crime, etc; impute guilt or blame

“person charged with a crime,” 1590s, from past participle of accuse (v.).


c.1300, “charge (with an offense, etc.), impugn, blame,” from Old French acuser “to accuse, indict, reproach, blame” (13c.), earlier “announce, report, disclose” (12c.), or directly from Latin accusare “to call to account,” from ad- “against” (see ad-) + causari “give as a cause or motive,” from causa “reason” (see cause (n.)). Related: Accused; accusing; accusingly.

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