1. of, giving, or containing advice: an advisory letter from a stockbroker.
  2. having the power or duty to advise: an advisory council.

noun, plural ad·vi·so·ries.

  1. a report on existing or predicted conditions, often with advice for dealing with them: an investment advisory.
  2. an announcement or bulletin that serves to advise and usually warn the public, as of some potential hazard: a health advisory; a travelers’ advisory.
  3. an announcement from the U.S. National Weather Service to keep the public informed about the progress of a potentially dangerous weather condition: hurricane advisory; tornado advisory.Compare warning(def 3), watch(def 20).


  1. giving advice; empowered to make recommendationsan advisory body

noun plural -ries

  1. a statement issued to give advice, recommendations, or a warninga travel advisory
  2. a person or organization with an advisory functionthe Prime Minister’s media advisory

1778; see advise + -ory. The noun meaning “weather warning” is from 1931.

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