noun, plural a·gen·cies.

  1. an organization, company, or bureau that provides some service for another: a welfare agency.
  2. a company having a franchise to represent another.
  3. a governmental bureau, or an office that represents it.
  4. the place of business of an agent.
  5. Indian agency.
  6. an administrative division of a government.
  7. the duty or function of an agent.
  8. the relationship between a principal and his or her agent.
  9. the state of being in action or of exerting power; operation: the agency of Providence.
  10. a means of exerting power or influence; instrumentality: nominated by the agency of friends.

noun plural -cies

  1. a business or other organization providing a specific servicean employment agency
  2. the place where an agent conducts business
  3. the business, duties, or functions of an agent
  4. action, power, or operationthe agency of fate
  5. intercession or mediation
  6. one of the administrative organizations of a government

1650s, “active operation,” from Medieval Latin agentia, noun of state from Latin agentem (nominative agens) “effective, powerful,” present participle of agere (see act (n.)). Meaning “establishment where business is done for another” first recorded 1861.

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