anders jonas ångström


  1. An·ders Jo·nas [an-derz joh-nuh s; Swedish ahn-duhrs-yoo-nahs] /ˈæn dərz ˈdʒoʊ nəs; Swedish ˈɑn dərsˈyu nɑs/, 1814–74, Swedish astronomer and physicist.


  1. Anders Jonas (ˈandərs ˈjuːnas). 1814–74, Swedish physicist, noted for his work on spectroscopy and solar physics

  1. Swedish physicist and astronomer who pioneered the use of the spectroscope in the analysis of radiation. By studying the spectrum of visible light given off by the Sun, Ångström discovered that there is hydrogen in the Sun’s atmosphere. The angstrom unit of measurement is named for him.

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