noun, plural an·ni·ver·sa·ries.

  1. the yearly recurrence of the date of a past event: the tenth anniversary of their marriage.
  2. the celebration or commemoration of such a date.
  3. wedding anniversary.


  1. returning or recurring each year; annual.
  2. pertaining to an anniversary: an anniversary gift. Abbreviation: anniv.

noun plural -ries

  1. the date on which an event occurred in some previous yeara wedding anniversary
  2. the celebration of this


  1. of or relating to an anniversary
  2. recurring every year, esp on the same date

early 13c., originally especially of the day of a person’s death, from Medieval Latin anniversarium, from Latin anniversarius (adj.) “returning annually,” from annus (genitive anni) “year” (see annual (adj.)) + versus, past participle of vertere “to turn” (see versus). The adjective came to be used as a noun in Church Latin as anniversaria (dies) in reference to saints’ days. An Old English word for “anniversary” (n.) was mynddæg, literally “mind-day.”

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