noun, plural an·ther·id·i·a [an-thuhrid-ee-uh] /ˌæn θəˈrɪd i ə/. Botany, Mycology.

  1. a male reproductive structure producing gametes, occurring in ferns, mosses, fungi, and algae.

noun plural -ia (-ɪə)

  1. the male sex organ of algae, fungi, bryophytes, and spore-bearing vascular plants, such as ferns, which produces antherozoids

Plural antheridia (ăn′thə-rĭdē-ə)

  1. An organ in certain organisms that produces male gametes. Antheridia are found in many groups of organisms, including the bryophytes, ferns, ascomycete fungi, and some algae. Most gymnosperms and all angiosperms, however, have lost the antheridium, and its role is filled by the pollen grain. Compare archegonium.

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