1. lightless; dark.


  1. characterized by or growing in the absence of lightan aphotic plant
  2. of or relating to the zone of an ocean below that to which sunlight can penetrate, usually about 90m (300 ft). This is the lowest level at which photosynthesis can take place

“untouched by sunlight, lightless” (in reference to deep-sea regions), 1903, Modern Latin, from Greek a- “not, without” (see a- (3)) + phos (genitive photos) “light,” related to phainein “to show, to bring to light” (see phantasm) + -ic. Aphotic zone is recorded from 1913.

  1. Having no light.
  2. Relating to the region of a body of water that is not reached by sunlight and in which photosynthesis is unable to occur. Compare photic.

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