noun, plural ap·o·the·ci·a [ap-uhthee-shee-uh, -see-uh] /ˌæp əˈθi ʃi ə, -si ə/. Botany, Mycology.

  1. the fruit of certain lichens and fungi: usually an open, saucer-shaped or cup-shaped body, the inner surface of which is covered with a layer that bears asci.

noun plural -cia (-sɪə)

  1. botany a cup-shaped structure that contains the asci, esp in lichens; a type of ascocarp

Plural apothecia (ăp′ə-thēsē-ə, -shē-)

  1. A disk-shaped or cup-shaped ascocarp of some lichens and the fungi Ascomycetes.

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