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  1. (Daniel) LouisSatchmo, 1900–71, U.S. jazz trumpeter and bandleader.
  2. Edwin Howard,1890–1954, U.S. electrical engineer and inventor: developed frequency modulation.
  3. HenryHenry Jackson, 1912–88, U.S. boxer: world featherweight champion 1937–38; world lightweight champion 1938–39; world welterweight champion 1938–40.
  4. Lance,born 1971, U.S. cyclist with seven consecutive victories (1999–2005) in the Tour-de-France.
  5. Neil A.,1930–2012, U.S. astronaut: first person to walk on the moon, July 20, 1969.


  1. Edwin Howard. 1890–1954, US electrical engineer; invented the superheterodyne radio receiver and the FM radio
  2. (Daniel) Louis, known as Satchmo. 1900–71, US jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and singer
  3. Gillian. born 1950, Australian film director; her films include My Brilliant Career (1978), Little Women (1994), and Charlotte Gray (2001)
  4. Neil (Alden). 1930–2012, US astronaut; commanded Apollo 11 on the first manned lunar landing during which he became the first man to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969
  5. Lance . born 1971, US cyclist, winner of 7 Tour de France titles, 1999–2005; stripped of the titles in 2012 and banned for life, having been found to have used banned substances

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