astrachan [as-truh-kuh n, -kan] Examples noun

  1. astrakhan.
  2. (initial capital letter) Horticulture. a tart, usually red or yellow variety of apple.

astrakhan or as·tra·chan [as-truh-kuh n, -kan] noun

  1. a fur of young lambs, with lustrous, closely curled wool, from Astrakhan.
  2. Also called astrakhan cloth. a fabric with curled pile resembling astrakhan fur.

Origin of astrakhan First recorded in 1760–70 Examples from the Web for astrachan Historical Examples of astrachan

  • She got into her little blue jacket, with its neat collar and cuffs of astrachan.

    Mary Gray

    Katharine Tynan

  • The American marveled at a recently immigrated Slav’s astrachan cap.

    The Trail of the Hawk

    Sinclair Lewis

  • The governor of Astrachan had been but too faithful a prophet.

    Stories of Exile


  • The Governor of Astrachan had been but too faithful a prophet.

    Narrative And Miscellaneous Papers

    Thomas De Quincey

  • This suburban estimation of personal worth was a confirmation of my conclusion drawn from the rags beneath the astrachan coat.

    Jewel Mysteries

    Max Pemberton

  • British Dictionary definitions for astrachan astrakhan noun

    1. a fur, usually black or grey, made of the closely curled wool of lambs from Astrakhan
    2. a cloth with curled pile resembling this
    3. (modifier) made of such fur or clothan astrakhan collar

    Astrakhan noun

    1. a city in SE Russia, on the delta of the Volga River, 21 m (70 ft) below sea level. Pop: 507 000 (2005 est)

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