Astroturfing [as-truh-turf-ing] Word Origin noun

  1. the act or process of installing Astroturf on a surface.
  2. (usually lowercase) the deceptive tactic of simulating grassroots support for a product, cause, etc., undertaken by people or organizations with an interest in shaping public opinion: In some countries astroturfing is banned, and this includes sponsored blog posts.

Origin of Astroturfing First recorded in 1985–90; Astroturf + -ing1 Related formsas·tro·turf·er, noun British Dictionary definitions for astroturfing astroturfing noun

  1. a PR tactic used in politics and advertising in which actors are paid to display overt and apparently spontaneous grassroots support for a particular product, policy, or event

Derived Formsastroturfer, nounWord Origin for astroturfing C21: from Astroturf, the artificial grass, as this is artifical grassroots support

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