asymptomatic [ey-simp-tuh-mat-ik, ey-simp-] Word Origin adjective

  1. showing no evidence of disease.

Origin of asymptomatic First recorded in 1930–35; a-6 + symptomatic Related formsa·symp·to·mat·i·cal·ly, adverb British Dictionary definitions for asymptomatic asymptomatic adjective

  1. (of a disease or suspected disease) without symptoms; providing no subjective evidence of existence

Derived Formsasymptomatically, adverb Word Origin and History for asymptomatic adj.

“without symptoms,” 1856, from a-, privative prefix, + symptomatic.

asymptomatic in Medicine asymptomatic [ā′sĭmp-tə-măt′ĭk] adj.

  1. Exhibiting or producing no symptoms.

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