atilt [uh-tilt] ExamplesWord Origin adjective, adverb

  1. with a tilt or inclination; tilted: Hold the bottle slightly atilt.
  2. with the lance in hand in tilting.

Origin of atilt First recorded in 1555–65; a-1 + tilt1 Examples from the Web for atilt Historical Examples of atilt

  • Father,” she began, atilt on the arm of his chair, “should you like to buy this house yourself?

    Polly of Lady Gay Cottage

    Emma C. Dowd

  • You purposely prolong his suspense; he is all atilt, expecting the delightful surprise.

    Autumn Leaves


  • British Dictionary definitions for atilt atilt adverb, adjective (postpositive)

    1. in a tilted or inclined position
    2. archaic in or as if in a joust

    Word Origin and History for atilt adv.

    1560s, from a- (1) + tilt (n.).

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