Atlantic puffin

Atlantic puffin

Atlantic puffin noun

  1. See under puffin.

puffin [puhf-in] noun

  1. any of several alcidine sea birds of the genera Fratercula and Lunda, having a short neck and a large, compressed, grooved bill, as F. arctica (Atlantic puffin), of the North Atlantic.

Origin of puffin 1300–50; Middle English poffoun, poffin, puffon (compare Anglo-Latin poffo, puffo); origin uncertain British Dictionary definitions for atlantic puffin puffin noun

  1. any of various northern diving birds of the family Alcidae (auks, etc), esp Fratercula arctica (common or Atlantic puffin), having a black-and-white plumage and a brightly coloured vertically flattened bill: order Charadriiformes

Word Origin for puffin C14: perhaps of Cornish origin Word Origin and History for atlantic puffin puffin n.

North Atlantic seabird, mid-14c., perhaps connected with puff on notion of appearance, or from some Celtic word (earliest association is with Cornwall and Scilly), and altered by influence of puff.

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