atony [at-n-ee] Word Origin noun

  1. Pathology. lack of tone or energy; muscular weakness, especially in a contractile organ.
  2. Phonetics. lack of stress accent.

Also a·to·ni·a [uh-toh-nee-uh, ey-toh-] /əˈtoʊ ni ə, eɪˈtoʊ-/. Origin of atony 1685–95; Late Latin atonia Greek, derivative of átonos unaccented, languid, literally, toneless. See a-6, tone British Dictionary definitions for atonia atony noun

  1. pathol lack of normal tone or tension, as in muscles; abnormal relaxation of a muscle
  2. phonetics lack of stress or accent on a syllable or word

Word Origin for atony C17: from Latin atonia, from Greek: tonelessness, from atonos slack, from a- 1 + tonos tone atonia in Medicine atony [ăt′ə-nē, ăt′n-ē] n.

  1. Lack of normal tone or tension; flaccidity.

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