Auer [ou-er] Examples noun

  1. Le·o·pold [lee-uh-pohld; Hungarian ley-aw-pawlt] /ˈli əˌpoʊld; Hungarian ˈleɪ ɔˌpɔlt/, 1845–1930, Hungarian violinist and teacher.

Examples from the Web for auer Historical Examples of auer

  • A description of the Auer burner will not be expected from us.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 1082, September 26, 1896


  • The observations of Auer and Meltzer7 are of interest in this connection.

    The Toxicity of Caffein

    William Salant

  • We are all standing close by her, in the full light of the Auer burners.

    Mysterious Psychic Forces

    Camille Flammarion

  • Auer is a great teacher, and leaves much to the individuality of his pupils.

    Violin Mastery

    Frederick H. Martens

  • Auer had his little secrets, too, with which he was loth to part.

    Violin Mastery

    Frederick H. Martens

  • British Dictionary definitions for auer Auer noun

    1. Karl (karl), Baron von Welsbach. 1858–1929, Austrian chemist who discovered the cerium-iron alloy used for flints in cigarette lighters and invented the incandescent gas mantle

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