auk [awk] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any of several usually black-and-white diving birds of the family Alcidae, of northern seas, having webbed feet and small wings.

Compare great auk, razor-billed auk. Origin of auk 1665–75; Scandinavian; compare Old Norse alka Examples from the Web for auk Historical Examples of auk

  • Oolichuk continued this process until the first auk was finished.

    The Giant of the North

    R.M. Ballantyne

  • Upon the whole, I thought it would not do to depend upon the auk.

    The Land of Thor

    J. Ross Browne

  • But there was a deplorable lack of information about the haunts and habits of the auk.

    The Land of Thor

    J. Ross Browne

  • Auk, is a term, in compound words of these dialects, denoting wood.

    The Indian in his Wigwam

    Henry R. Schoolcraft

  • Of all the Auk tribe, so far as my experience goes, the Puffin flies the most.

    British Sea Birds

    Charles Dixon

  • British Dictionary definitions for auk auk noun

    1. any of various diving birds of the family Alcidae of northern oceans having a heavy body, short tail, narrow wings, and a black-and-white plumage: order CharadriiformesSee also great auk, razorbill auk
    2. little auk or dovekie a small short-billed auk, Plautus alle, abundant in Arctic regions

    Word Origin for auk C17: from Old Norse ālka; related to Swedish alka, Danish alke Word Origin and History for auk n.

    1670s, from a Scandinavian source, cf. Old Norse alka, probably originally imitative of a water-bird cry (cf. Latin olor “swan,” Greek elea “marsh bird”).

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