adjective, beast·li·er, beast·li·est.

  1. of or like a beast; bestial.
  2. Informal. nasty; unpleasant; disagreeable.


  1. Chiefly British Informal. very; exceedingly: It’s beastly cold out.
  2. British Informal. disagreeably; outrageously: beastly rude.

adjective -lier or -liest

  1. informal unpleasant; disagreeable; nastybeastly weather
  2. obsolete of or like a beast; bestial


  1. informal (intensifier)the weather is so beastly hot

c.1200, “brutish, sensual, debased;” late 14c., “in the manner of a beast,” from beast + -ly (1). Weakened in British upper crust use to “awfully, exceedingly” by mid-19c. Beastly drunk is from 1803.

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