< /ʒɔ zeɪˈfin də/, 1763–1814, empress of France 1804–09: first wife of Napoleon I.


  1. Alexandre (alɛksã̃dr), Vicomte de. 1760–94, French general, who served in the War of American Independence and the French Revolutionary wars; first husband of Empress Joséphine: guillotined
  2. his son, Eugène de (øʒɛn də). 1781–1824, viceroy of Italy (1805–14) for his stepfather Napoleon I
  3. (Eugénie) (øʒeni) Hortense de (ɔrtɑ̃s də). 1783–1837, queen of Holland (1806–10) as wife of Louis Bonaparte; daughter of Alexandre Beauharnais and sister of Eugène: mother of Napoleon III
  4. Joséphine de (ʒozefin də), previous name of the Empress JosephineSee Josephine

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