verb (used without object)

  1. to emit a hollow, loud, animal cry, as a bull or cow.
  2. to roar; bawl: bellowing with rage.

verb (used with object)

  1. to utter in a loud deep voice: He bellowed his command across the room.


  1. an act or sound of bellowing.


  1. (intr) to make a loud deep raucous cry like that of a bull; roar
  2. to shout (something) unrestrainedly, as in anger or pain; bawl


  1. the characteristic noise of a bull
  2. a loud deep sound, as of pain or anger


  1. Saul . 1915–2005, US novelist, born in Canada. His works include Dangling Man (1944), The Adventures of Angie March (1954), Herzog (1964), Humboldt’s Gift (1975), The Dean’s December (1981), and Ravelstein (2000): Nobel prize for literature 1976

late 14c., from present participle of bellow (v.). As an adjective, recorded from 1610s.


apparently from Old English bylgan “to bellow,” from PIE root *bhel- (4) “to sound, roar.” Originally of animals, especially cows and bulls; used of human beings since c.1600. Related: Bellowed; bellowing. As a noun from 1779.

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