< /ɑlˈbɑn, ˈɑl bɑn/, 1885–1935, Austrian composer.

  • Patricia JanePatty, 1918–2006, U.S. golfer.
  • Paul,born 1926, U.S. biochemist: Nobel Prize 1980.
  • noun

    1. short for iceberg


    1. a South African word for mountain


    1. Alban (Maria Johannes) (ˈalbaːn). 1885–1935, Austrian composer: a pupil of Schoenberg. His works include the operas Wozzeck (1921) and Lulu (1935), a violin concerto (1935), chamber works, and songs
    2. Paul . born 1926, US molecular biologist, the first to identify transfer RNA (1956). Nobel prize for chemistry 1980

    short for iceberg, attested from 1823.

    1. American chemist. He shared a 1980 Nobel Prize for developing recombinant methods of inserting genes from simple organisms into the genetic material of similar organisms.

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