1. on, at, or to the farther side of: Beyond those trees you’ll find his house.
  2. farther on than; more distant than: beyond the horizon; beyond the sea.
  3. outside the understanding, limits, or reach of; past: beyond comprehension; beyond endurance; beyond help.
  4. superior to; surpassing; above: wise beyond all others.
  5. more than; in excess of; over and above: to stay beyond one’s welcome.


  1. farther on or away: as far as the house and beyond.

  1. the beyond,
    1. that which is at a great distance.
    2. Also the great beyond.the afterlife; life after death.


  1. at or to a point on the other side of; at or to the further side ofbeyond those hills there is a river
  2. outside the limits or scope ofbeyond this country’s jurisdiction


  1. at or to the other or far side of something
  2. outside the limits of something


  1. the beyond the unknown; the world outside the range of human perception, esp life after death in certain religious beliefs

Old English begeondan “beyond, from the farther side,” from be- “by,” here probably indicating position, + geond “yonder” (prep.); see yond. A compound not found elsewhere in Germanic.

In addition to the idioms beginning with beyond

  • beyond a doubt
  • beyond the shadow of a doubt
  • beyond comparison
  • beyond measure
  • beyond one’s depth
  • beyond one’s means
  • beyond question
  • beyond reach
  • beyond recall
  • beyond reproach
  • beyond the call of duty
  • beyond the pale

also see:

  • above and beyond
  • back of beyond
  • can’t see beyond the end of one’s nose

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