1. a box or enclosed place for storing grain, coal, or the like.

verb (used with object), binned, bin·ning.

  1. to store in a bin.


  1. a large container or enclosed space for storing something in bulk, such as coal, grain, or wool
  2. Also called: bread bin a small container for bread
  3. Also called: dustbin, rubbish bin a container for litter, rubbish, etc
  4. British
    1. a storage place for bottled wine
    2. one particular bottling of wine

verb bins, binning or binned

  1. (tr) to store in a bin
  2. (tr) to put in a wastepaper bin

“receptacle,” Old English binne “basket, manger, crib,” probably from Gaulish, from Old Celtic *benna, akin to Welsh benn “a cart,” especially one with a woven wicker body. The same Celtic word seems to be preserved in Italian benna “dung cart,” French benne “grape-gatherer’s creel,” Dutch benne “large basket,” all from Late Latin benna “cart,” Medieval Latin benna “basket.” Some linguists think there was a Germanic form parallel to the Celtic one.

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