verb (used with object)

  1. to prevent or occlude sight by covering (the eyes) with a cloth, bandage, or the like; cover the eyes of.
  2. to impair the awareness or clear thinking of: Don’t let their hospitality blindfold you to the true purpose of their invitation.


  1. a cloth or bandage put before the eyes to prevent seeing.


  1. with the eyes covered: a blindfold test.
  2. rash; unthinking: a blindfold denunciation before knowing the facts.

verb (tr)

  1. to prevent (a person or animal) from seeing by covering (the eyes)
  2. to prevent from perceiving or understanding


  1. a piece of cloth, bandage, etc, used to cover the eyes
  2. any interference to sight

adjective, adverb

  1. having the eyes covered with a cloth or bandage
  2. chess not seeing the board and pieces
  3. rash; inconsiderate

1520s, alteration, by similarity to fold, of blindfelled (early 14c.), past participle of blindfellan “blindfold, cover the eyes (with a bandage, etc.),” also “to strike blind” (c.1200), from Old English (ge)blindfellian “to strike blind,” from blind (adj.) + Anglian gefeollan “to strike down,” as in to fell a tree (see fell (v.)). Related: Blindfolded; blindfolding.


1880, from blindfold (v.).

see do blindfolded.

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