1. narrow-minded and subjective; unwilling to understand another viewpoint.
  2. having blinkers on; fitted with blinkers.


  1. a device for flashing light signals.
  2. a light that flashes intermittently, especially one that serves as a traffic signal.
  3. either of two leather flaps on a bridle, to prevent a horse from seeing sideways; a blinder.

verb (used with object)

  1. to put blinkers on.


  1. considering only a narrow point of view
  2. (of a horse) wearing blinkers


  1. a flashing light for sending messages, as a warning device, etc, such as a direction indicator on a road vehicle
  2. (often plural) a slang word for eye 1

verb (tr)

  1. to provide (a horse) with blinkers
  2. to obscure with or as if with blinkers

in the figurative sense, 1867, from horses wearing blinkers to limit the range of their vision (see blinker).


1630s, “one who blinks,” agent noun from blink (v.). As a type of horse eye screen to keep the animal looking straight ahead, from 1789. Slang meaning “the eye” is from 1816. Meaning “intermittent flashing light” is from 1923.

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