noun, plural block·hous·es [blok-hou-ziz] /ˈblɒkˌhaʊ zɪz/.

  1. Military. a fortified structure with ports or loopholes through which defenders may direct gunfire.
  2. Also called garrison house. (formerly) a building, usually of hewn timber and with a projecting upper story, having loopholes for musketry.
  3. a house built of squared logs.
  4. Rocketry. a structure near a launching site for rockets, generally made of heavily reinforced concrete, for housing and protecting personnel, electronic controls, and auxiliary apparatus before and during launching operations.


  1. (formerly) a wooden fortification with ports or loopholes for defensive fire, observation, etc
  2. a concrete structure strengthened to give protection against enemy fire, with apertures to allow defensive gunfire
  3. a building constructed of logs or squared timber
  4. a reinforced concrete building close to a rocket-launching site for protecting personnel and equipment during launching

c.1500, of uncertain origin (see blockade (n.)). Also in 16c. French, Dutch, German.

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