1. any of numerous plants of the bellflower family, having blue, bell-shaped flowers, as a bellflower or harebell.
  2. Also called wood hyacinth. an Old World plant, Endymion non-scriptus, of the lily family, having blue, bell-shaped flowers.
  3. any of various other plants having blue flowers, as those of the genus Mertensia.


  1. Also called: wild hyacinth, wood hyacinth a European liliaceous woodland plant, Hyacinthoides (or Endymion) non-scripta, having a one-sided cluster of blue bell-shaped flowers
  2. Also called: Spanish bluebell a similar and related plant, hispanica, widely grown in gardens and becoming naturalized
  3. a Scot name for harebell
  4. any of various other plants with blue bell-shaped flowers

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