1. a repeated, jerky movement; bob.
  2. a momentary fumbling or juggling of a batted or thrown baseball.
  3. an error; mistake.
  4. a small ball of fabric usually used decoratively, as in a fringe or other trimming: a sweater with a line of bobbles up the sleeves.

verb (used with object), bob·bled, bob·bling.

  1. to juggle or fumble (a batted or thrown baseball) momentarily, usually resulting in an error.


  1. a short jerky motion, as of a cork floating on disturbed water; bobbing movement
  2. a tufted ball, usually for ornament, as on a knitted hat
  3. any small dangling ball or bundle


  1. (intr) sport (of a ball) to bounce with a rapid erratic motion due to an uneven playing surface
  2. US informal to handle (something) ineptly; muff; bunglehe bobbled the ball and lost the game

1812, frequentative of bob (v.1). The notion is “to move or handle something with continual bobbing.” Related: Bobbled; bobbling. Bobble-head as a type of doll is from 1968.

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