verb (used with object), bod·ed, bod·ing.

  1. to be an omen of; portend: The news bodes evil days for him.
  2. Archaic. to announce beforehand; predict.

verb (used without object), bod·ed, bod·ing.

  1. to portend: The news bodes well for him.


  1. a simple past tense of bide.


  1. to be an omen of (good or ill, esp of ill); portend; presage
  2. (tr) archaic to predict; foretell


  1. the past tense of bide

Old English bodian “proclaim, announce; foretell,” from boda “messenger,” probably from Proto-Germanic *budon- (cf. Old Saxon gibod, German gebot, Old Norse boð), from PIE *bheudh- “be aware, make aware” (see bid (v.)). As a shortened form of forebode (usually evil), it dates from 1740. Related: Boded; boding.

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