1. something to be thankful for; blessing; benefit.
  2. something that is asked; a favor sought.


  1. jolly; jovial; convivial: boon companions.
  2. Archaic. kindly; gracious; bounteous.

noun Textiles.

  1. the ligneous waste product obtained by braking and scutching flax.


  1. something extremely useful, helpful, or beneficial; a blessing or benefitthe car was a boon to him
  2. archaic a favour; requesthe asked a boon of the king


  1. close, special, or intimate (in the phrase boon companion)
  2. archaic jolly or convivial

late 12c., bone “petition,” from Old Norse bon “a petition, prayer,” from Proto-Germanic *boniz (cf. Old English ben “prayer, petition,” bannan “to summon;” see ban).


in boon companion (1560s), only real survival of Middle English boon “good” (early 14c.), from Old French bon (see bon).

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