1. a narrow entrance or passageway.
  2. a place or stage in a process at which progress is impeded.
  3. Also called slide guitar. a method of guitar playing that produces a gliding sound by pressing a metal bar or glass tube against the strings.

verb (used with object)

  1. to hamper or confine by or as if by a bottleneck.

verb (used without object)

  1. to become hindered by or as if by a bottleneck.


    1. a narrow stretch of road or a junction at which traffic is or may be held up
    2. the hold up
  1. something that holds up progress, esp of a manufacturing process
  2. music
    1. the broken-off neck of a bottle placed over a finger and used to produce a buzzing effect in a style of guitar-playing originally part of the American blues tradition
    2. the style of guitar playing using a bottleneck


  1. (tr) US to be or cause an obstruction in

also bttle-neck, “narrow entrance, spot where traffic becomes congested,” 1896; from bottle (n.) + neck (n.). Meaning “anything which obstructs a flow” is from 1922; the verb in this sense is from 1928.

  1. An abrupt and severe reduction in the number of individuals during the history of a species, resulting in the loss of diversity from the gene pool. The generations following the bottleneck are more genetically homogenous than would otherwise be expected. Bottlenecks often occur in consequence of a catastrophic event.

The point at which an industry or economic system has to slow its growth because one or more of its components cannot keep up with demand.

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