Boucher [boo-shey] Examples noun

  1. Fran·çois [frahn-swa] /frɑ̃ˈswa/, 1703–70, French painter.

Examples from the Web for boucher Contemporary Examples of boucher

  • Boucher recalled de Ligonnes standing on the balcony of his junior suite later that evening as she walked through the courtyard.

    French Aristocrat Murder Mystery

    Dana Kennedy

    April 25, 2011

  • “He stood out because he was alone,” Boucher told The Daily Beast.

    French Aristocrat Murder Mystery

    Dana Kennedy

    April 25, 2011

  • Historical Examples of boucher

  • The late Director of their Academy, Boucher, was eminent in this way.

    Six Centuries of Painting

    Randall Davies

  • Immediately, Boucher, a North-West clerk, was sent forward to parley.

    Lords of the North

    A. C. Laut

  • Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard worked for tyrants and for slaves.

    The Gods are Athirst

    Anatole France

  • And this is topped by $750,000 paid for a Boucher set of five pieces.

    The Tapestry Book

    Helen Churchill Candee

  • Boucher, the intendant of the province, had her apprehended and examined.

    The Huguenots in France

    Samuel Smiles.

  • British Dictionary definitions for boucher Boucher noun

    1. François (frɑ̃swa). 1703–70, French rococo artist, noted for his delicate ornamental paintings of pastoral scenes and mythological subjects

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