bouchon [boo-shon; French boo-shawn] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural bou·chons [boo-shonz; French boo-shawn] /buˈʃɒnz; French buˈʃɔ̃/. Furniture.

  1. a supplementary, baize-covered top set in the center of a bouillotte table.

Origin of bouchon 1880–85; French: stopper, derivative of Old French bouche sheaf Examples from the Web for bouchon Historical Examples of bouchon

  • There is a group of them flinging away their pay at the usual game of bouchon.

    Paris under the Commune

    John Leighton

  • The firing mechanism of the explosive grenades which we built was known as the Bouchon assembly.

    America’s Munitions 1917-1918

    Benedict Crowell

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